What is the Canadian green card?

Canada does not have a “green card” like the United States has, but we do have a permanent resident card. This card, also called a pr card, is essentially Canada’s version of a green card where a permanent resident card holder can live and work permanently in Canada as well as leave and re-enter as often as they like. While they are not Canadian citizens, they enjoy many privileges that Canadians do. 

How can I apply for a Canadian green card?

Obtaining a Canadian green card, or permanent resident card, is not easy at all. There are strict requirements as to who is eligible to even apply for a permanent resident card. There are four main ways to become a permanent resident in Canada:

The Canadian Experience Class

The Canadian experience class is a way for people on work or study permits in Canada, who speak English or French and have work experience within certain occupations in Canada, to obtain permanent residency.
Family Class Immigration

If someone has close relatives or a spouse in Canada, that relative or spouse can sponsor them to become a permanent resident. The sponsor will have to meet several important requirements, including income requirements, to prove they can support the person who they are sponsoring.

Business Immigration

Someone who is able to invest a specified amount of money in a Canadian business or start a business in Canada that will create jobs and benefit the economy can be eligible for permanent residency under the business immigration class.

Skilled Workers

People whose occupations fall under the National Occupational Classification Skill Type 0 or Skill Level A or B with full-time work experience can qualify for permanent residency as a Skilled worker in Canada. These job classifications include management occupations, professional occupations and technical or skilled trades. Eligibility for the Skilled Worker program is calculated based on a points system. You will earn more points the younger you are, the more educated you are, based on your language skills and more, requiring 67 points total to pass.

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