What do I bring to the US border for a B1 Business Visitor Visa for Philadelphia

Philadelphia is a common destination for business travel in the United States. For such travel, some foreign nationals must have a visa called a B-1 business visitor visa, which is specifically for business, not for work or regular visits. Most of these visas are quickly received at the border and applicants don’t have to wait for any long processing times – that doesn’t mean that they’re easy to get, however. The US border officials should be completely satisfied your reasons for entering to the United States are valid and applicable to a B1 business visa, which means you will need to present them with some supporting documentation. 

Documents needed for the B1 business visitor visa

You need to explain to US immigration authorities that you’ll return to your country once your activities are completed. You need to take provide evidence of strong ties to your home country when you ask for a B1 visa, otherwise officials could suspect that you won’t leave when you are supposed to. Some examples of this evidence includes proof of property ownership, bank account info, credit or loan information, evidence you have immediate family in Canada or information about your job.

When you go to the US border as well as other entry point to the United States to obtain the B1 business visa, you will have to supply US immigration representatives with certain documents that prove you are eligible for the B1 visa. Most importantly, you need to prove that you’ll only be doing things permitted with a B1 visa. Most of these business activities fall under: meeting together with one’s United States business associates, attending business conferences, buying goods on behalf of your business or going to conventions.

Information from your employer with a schedule and listing of planned activities within the United States will also show authorities you’ll only be engaging in activities you are allowed to be engaging in.

Hire an immigration attorney for your B1 business visitor visa application

It is advisable to ensure one’s supporting documents are organized properly and make a compelling argument as to why you need a B1 visa to ensure the immigration officials at the border fully comprehend that you’ll only be in the United States for activities pursuant to the visa. You may run into significant difficulties if they don’t believe you, which is why making your case with documented evidence of your ties to home and your intended schedule is important.

This is why it is important to get professional assistance with visa matters, even business visitor visas. We now have assisted many Canadians visit the United States for business travel. We know what the border officials require when you apply for a B1 visa and can help you even if you are not eligible for a B1 visa – there may be a suitable alternative. Contact us as soon as you know you will need to travel!

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