US Waiver Lawyers in Philadelphia

Canada and the United States have enjoyed easy access to each other for many years. Travelers and pleasure seekers from both countries usually only need to show border officials proof of their citizenship in order to be allowed into one or the other. But as of late increased border security in both the United States and Canada has resulted in many people being declared inadmissible to the United States. If you are inadmissible, you will not be allowed to enter the United States, and this may come as a very big and very inconvenient surprise. 

There are many reasons why someone would be denied entry to the United States

A United States Waiver is a specific type of document that will allow the holder to enter the United States if they are otherwise inadmissible. These waivers may be valid for five years, or less if the immigration officer reviewing your case decides otherwise. Not every situation for inadmissibility will be given a waiver, however.
Reasons someone could be inadmissible to the United States include a communicable disease or health problem that is dangerous to other people, a criminal record or a criminal history involving drugs or prostitution as well as immigration issues like overstaying visas, having been deported or having committed immigration fraud can also result in inadmissibility.

United States Waiver Lawyers in Philadelphia

If you are denied entry to the United States or you are very concerned that there is a possibility that you could be denied entry, don’t wait to find out at the border. Instead, determine whether or not you are inadmissible in advance and take the necessary steps to correct it by discussing applying for a United States waiver of inadmissibility with a licensed immigration lawyer. We are here to help you and have the knowledge and experience with denied entry cases that’s needed to help give you the best chance to succeed when you want to visit the United States.

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