Immigrate to Canada from Philadelphia


Do you currently live in Philadelphia and want to immigrate to Canada? In Canada, a “green card” is called a permanent resident card, and “green card” holders in Canada enjoy permanent resident status. This allows them to live and work anywhere they want in Canada. However, becoming a permanent resident of Canada is not an easy process, but there are still many different ways one can do so: 

Family Class Immigration: Do you have a spouse, a common law partner or a very close family member who is a Canadian permanent resident themselves or a Canadian citizen? They may be able to sponsor you for permanent residency in Canada.

Skilled Worker Category: This immigration category is for people in specific occupations who want to immigrate to Canada. You must demonstrate you are well-suited to this category by qualifying on a points system – points are earned for education level, language proficiency and work experience, and the more points you have the more qualified you are.

Canadian Experience Class: If you are currently in Canada on a work permit or a study permit and have one year’s worth of work experience in a qualifying occupation, you may be able to use this experience in Canada to demonstrate your adaptability to Canadian society and apply for permanent residency.

Please note that each of these immigration streams for Canada has their own very strict requirements. Permanent residency in Canada is not just handed out, and you’ll have to ensure you are eligible to apply for the category or stream you have chosen. For help, speak with a licensed immigration attorney.

Permanent resident application lawyers for Canada

If you live in Philadelphia or anywhere else in the United States and want to immigrate to Canada, we can help you get there. We are an immigration law firm that has been helping people immigrate to Canada for over 15 years, and after an assessment of your case and situation, we can help you determine which avenue to permanent residency is best for you. Simply give us a call at the number at the top of this webpage to speak with a licensed immigration attorney, and let us help you! You are closer to immigrating to Canada than you think.

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