How to hire an immigration lawyer in in Philadelphia

The immigration process is not easy, which is why immigration attorneys are here to help. While it might be your first and only time dealing with the immigration process, an immigration attorney had gone through the process many, many times before. 

Hiring an immigration attorney in Philadelphia is a great first step in your immigration journey. However, you need to make sure that you hire the a good immigration attorney. Unfortunately, there are some not-so-great Philadelphia immigration attorneys out there.

So how do you choose?

Questions you should ask a Philadelphia immigration attorney

There are several questions you can ask Philadelphia immigration attorney to determine if they’re a good match for you.

Ask for information about the fees you will be paying. You should not encounter any surprise fees or mystery charges if your immigration attorney is reputable, and a good immigration attorney should be happy to discuss these fees up front.

Ask the attorney if they think your case will be successful or not. You should receive an honest answer and never false hope and certainly not a guarantee your case will be successful. In fact, if someone tells you they can guarantee your approval or that you can pay a certain amount of money to be sure you’ll be approved, you should leave immediately. What they are doing is illegal, and they – and you, if you were to hire them – will get caught eventually.

Ask the attorney if they have referrals or references that you can have a look at or speak with. Referrals and references should come from happy clients. If the attorney refuses, or has no testimonials or reviews available, their previous clients might not have anything nice to say about them.

4. Ask how available your immigration attorney will be. You may have pressing questions or need to know the status of your application, and it will be frustrating if you are unable to reach your immigration attorney. You should expect a reasonable amount of time for your phone calls to be returned.

We are licensed immigration attorneys in Philadelphia, and we can help you! Contact us for an assessment of your case using the phone number at the top of this page. We would be happy to help you.

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