Can I Reapply if My Canadian Tourist Visa is Refused?

What is a Canadian tourist visa?

Citizens of countries that are required to obtain a visa to come to Canada for any reason are called non-visa-exempt countries, and if you are a citizen of one of these countries you are required to obtain a Canadian tourist visa (also called a visitor visa, a temporary resident permit or a temporary resident visa) in order to visit Canada for any length of time. If you are an American with a criminal record, you will also need to apply for one. 

There are two types of tourist visas, the single entry or multiple entry visa. A single entry visa will allow you into Canada once, while a multiple entry visa will allow you into Canada as many times as you need as long as the visa is valid for.

While you may choose which visa you’d like to apply for, the visa officer reviewing your application might make that choice for you depending on your application’s strength.

What if I am denied for a tourist visa?

If you haven’t prepared your Canadian tourist visa application properly or you are ineligible, you will be refused.

If you are refused for a Canadian tourist visa, you can either reapply or appeal.

If you choose to appeal, it will be done within the Federal Court of Canada and must be done within 30 days of your bring notified of your refusal.

If you choose to reapply, you will need to at least provide new information or fix your initial mistake so that your application isn’t the same as the last one – otherwise it will just be denied again for the same reason as before.

To determine your best option and for the best shot at getting accepted for a Canadian tourist visa, contact a licensed immigration lawyer to renew your refusal letter and original application. We can help you make a new application or appeal your refusal, depending on an assessment of your case.

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