Business Meeting in Philadelphia? B1 Visa for Canadians

A B1 visa is also known as a B1 Business visitor visa for the United States. This is a type of visa that Canadians would apply for if they are conducting business activities in the United States for a short period of time, but not actually working in the United States. 

If you do not prove to immigration officials at the US-Canada border or US port of entry that you are going to be conducting legitimate business activities during your time in the US, you could be denied a B1 visa or even be denied entry to the United States.

Some examples of legitimate B1 visa activities include:

– Attending a business meeting
– Purchasing property
– Negotiating a contract
– Investigating a business opportunity
– Consulting with your associates in the United States

What are the requirements for a B1 business visitor visa for the US?

When you apply for a B1 business visitor visa for the United States, you will need to prove a number of different things to show that you meet the requirements and avoid a denial of entry by the US immigration officers.

Some of these things include:

1. That you are entering the United States only to conduct legitimate B1 business visitor visa activities.

2. That you have sufficient ties to Canada. This means that you have enough family, property, financial history or work in Canada to return home so immigration officials are satisfied that you will not overstay your B1 visa.

3. What you will be doing during your time in the United States as evidenced by your entire travel itinerary from entry to exit.

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